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Cold Cure / Heat Cure


Cold Cure / Heat Cure

Heat or Cold:
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  • SKU: D25-220
  • Brand: DNA Dental Supplies
  • Type: Acrylics
  • Availability: In Stock

Pink and transparent tones.

Acrylic PMMA polymer with polymethyl methacrylate has superior characteristics(Cross-Linked) that reduce the risk of prosthetic porosity and increase the resistance of impact and abrasion.

*Receive a Free Acrylic Color Guide & and Complete Pedestal Shade Guide When you order NicTone Cold / Heat Cure - powder or liquid.


RV1 RV2 RV6 Meharry Clear
Heat | 5 lbs D25-200 D25-202 D25-204 D25-205 D25-206
Cold | 5 lbs D25-210 D25-212 D25-214 D25-215 D25-216
Heat | 1 lb D25-220 D25-222 D25-224 D25-225 D25-226
Cold | 1 lb D25-230 D25-232 D25-234 D25-235 D25-236

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